Comparing The Features Of Emerald Cut And Baguette Cut Diamonds

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Both emerald-cut and baguette-cut have rectangular shapes and look almost similar. Even though there are some common traits, there are enough features that set them apart. Baguette-cut diamonds are less popular than emerald-cut diamonds used in an engagement ring, but they are most commonly used as side stones in a diamond ring. In this article, we are comparing the features of both these diamond cuts. Read below to find out more.

Emerald Cut Vs Baguette-Cut

Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and have cropped corners. Rather than maximizing brilliance, this cut is designed to emphasize clarity.

Baguette-cut diamonds also have the shape of an elongated rectangle and they have sharp corners. Typical baguette-cut diamonds have 14 facets and are commonly used as accent stones. Ring settings like three-stone settings are perfect for baguette-cut diamonds.


As we already mentioned, the shape of both cuts looks alike at first glance. Both are step-cut designs and have a rectangular shape. But upon careful observation, the differences between them are easily recognizable. The major difference is that emerald-cut diamonds have cropped corners whereas baguette-cut diamonds have sharp corners. You may know that sharp corners are more susceptible to chipping and damage.

Cuts And Facets

Both baguette-cut and emerald cut are variations of the step-cutting technique. The tables of both these diamonds are large and their facets are designed such that they can enhance clarity. Emerald-cut diamonds have 57 facets whereas baguette-cut diamonds only have 14 facets. The emerald-cut diamond can provide an illusion of endless facets but this effect cannot be seen in baguette-cut diamonds.

Brilliance, Fire, And Scintillation

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

We can clearly say that the brilliance of baguette-cut diamonds is inferior to the brilliance and sparkle of emerald-cut diamonds. The number of facets highly influences the brilliance of a diamond. Since there is a significant difference in the number of facets between these cuts, it is evident that emerald-cut diamonds have more brilliance than the other.

Color And Clarity

Color and clarity are a big deal for all step-cut diamonds. Clarity is the main feature of both emerald-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. Even small flaws and inclusions can be easily seen in diamonds of both cuts. As we mentioned earlier, baguette-cut diamonds have less sparkle compared to emerald-cut diamonds, so it is easy to spot inclusions in a baguette-cut diamond.

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