Certified Vs Non-Certified Diamond Rings

Production Of Lab Grown Earrings
Production Of Lab Grown Earrings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

When buying diamond rings, a lot of people are confused about whether to get certified or non-certified ones. In fact, rings are not certified, but some gemstones in them can come with certificates to prove their quality and value. So when a diamond ring is said to be certified, it implies that the stones in it are certified.

Quality certificates can be much important for gemstones like diamonds, as they can help you to determine the value and price of these stones.

Why Getting Certified Rings Are Important?

The gemstone certificates that come along with your ring can indicate the value of different quality characteristics of the stone. These certificates can help you understand the grades given by gemological labs like the GIA for each quality attribute of the diamond including the color, cut, and clarity. You can also find out the carat weight of the diamond using these certificates.

The color grade of a diamond is helpful for determining how colorless your stone is. Diamonds with grades D-F are colorless diamonds that can exhibit perfect brilliance and shine. The visibility of color can increase when the grades move between I and Z.

The clarity is the measurement of inclusions and blemishes present in the stone. Higher clarity grades suggest that your diamonds are free of visible inclusions and blemishes. But when the clarity grades become low, the visibility of these flaws can increase.

Another important quality parameter for diamonds is the cut grade that has a direct impact on the brilliance and beauty of the stone. It is better to get diamonds with higher cut grades to ensure that they come with great shine.

In addition to this common information, the grading reports will also indicate whether the ring carries natural or lab grown diamonds. Even though both of these diamonds look the same, there can be a significant difference in their prices.

Should You Get Non-Certified Rings

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Getting a diamond ring that does not come with certificates can be risky, as you won’t be able to understand the quality and value of the stones in it. So if your ring carries a big center diamond, then it is important to ask for grading reports.

But some other types of diamond rings do not come with these certificates and it is perfectly OK to get them. They include rings that come with many small stones. A cluster, pave, or halo ring will have a lot of accent stones, and it is very costly to grade them all. Additionally, these small stones are not worth grading, as they have a lower value.

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