Are Yellow Diamonds Affordable?

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Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are one among the many fancy-colored diamonds available. Even though slight yellow tints can be commonly found in your “colorless” diamonds, they are considered a flaw. Colorless diamonds with visible yellow tints have a low value. However, when the intensity of yellow color increases in diamonds, they are termed fancy-colored diamonds and their value again increases.

Yellow Colored Diamonds

Diamonds come in different colors and are called fancy-colored diamonds and yellow is one of the common colors among them. The availability of yellow color diamonds can be high when compared to diamonds with certain other colors like blue, red, or pink.

The yellow color in diamonds can be a result of nitrogen present in them. The intensity of the yellow color can greatly vary from faint to intense yellow. Diamonds with intense and vivid yellow color are termed Canary diamonds because of the resemblance of this shade to a canary bird. Canary diamonds are the most desired yellow diamonds and they have the highest value and price.

Yellow Diamonds: Origin

The yellow color you see in diamonds is a result of small amounts of nitrogen getting trapped inside the crystal during its formation. Nitrogen molecules present in these stones can absorb blue light thereby creating a yellow shade. Based on the levels of nitrogen, the color of diamonds can vary from light to dark. The value of yellow diamonds can spike based on the increase in the intensity of their color.

Are Yellow Color Diamonds Affordable?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Yellow color diamonds can be less expensive than diamonds with rare colors like blue, green, and red. However, the price of your yellow diamonds can increase based on how dark their color is. Canary diamonds are the most popular and costly yellow diamonds because of their deep yellow shade. They create a vibrant choice for engagement rings.

As yellow diamonds are available in different shades, it is possible for you to get a diamond that can fit your budget. Yellow-colored lab grown diamonds can be less expensive than natural ones. Additionally, you might also find treated yellow diamonds that have undergone heat treatments to enhance their color. They are also more affordable than natural yellow stones.

Ring Settings For Yellow Diamonds

When it comes to yellow diamonds, you can complement or contrast the diamond’s color with your ring setting. If you choose white metals like white gold or platinum, you can bring a stunning contrast to your ring. On the other hand, by choosing yellow gold, it is possible for you to complement the color of your diamond in a brilliant way thereby enhancing its color.

So if you are looking for a unique diamond color for your engagement ring, then yellow diamonds can be a wonderful choice for you.

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