Pros And Cons Of Princess Cut Diamonds


Princess cut diamonds have a squarish or rectangular shape with four sharp edges, which makes them a brilliant cut. Square modified-brilliant is another name for them. Like the round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds have 57 or 58 facets. Princess cuts are widely popular among people these days and they are a frequent choice for engagement rings. Its square shape contrasts with the typical round cut while still providing the dazzle that a central diamond is known for.

If you are planning on buying a princess cut diamond ring, you should consider its pros and cos

Princess Cut Diamonds: Pros

Less Expensive

For many diamond buyers, affordability is crucial. For two reasons, princess cuts triumph over round cuts in this category. In comparison to a round cut, a princess cut uses more of the rough diamond, resulting in less waste. Princess cuts are also less expensive than round cuts because there is less demand for them.

Better At Hiding Inclusions

Inclusions are imperfections that form inside a diamond during its creation. Because diamonds are subjected to extreme heat and pressure, none of them are flawless. A faultless rating is given to those who have no obvious inclusions under 10x magnification. When opposed to step-cutting, princess cuts cover more inclusions in diamonds. Small white or clear inclusions are less obvious due to the brilliance and fire of princess cut diamonds.

Appear Bigger

Buyers are frequently concerned about finding the largest diamond possible within their budget. A diamond’s size is measured in carats, which is a weight unit. Princess cuts have the advantage of seeming larger than many other cuts, such as round cuts, even though they are of the same weight.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Cons

Durability Is An Issue

diamond cut
artificial diamond

Due to their sharp corners, princess cuts are less durable than other cuts. Because it’s a thinner area of the stone that can simply hit on furniture or other household things, its four

corners are the most vulnerable to cracks. The middle will probably stay whole if it’s dropped, but the corners should be protected.

Shows Color

The amount of yellow or brown tones in a diamond is graded. The finest grades and most expensive diamonds are colorless diamonds with no yellow or brown. Some cuts are better at hiding color than others. Round cuts display less color than princess cuts and other elaborate shapes.

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