How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Graded?

Natural And Artificial Diamonds
Natural And Artificial Diamonds
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

A lot of people have doubts and questions regarding the grading of lab-grown diamonds. As these stones are created artificially inside a laboratory, many people believe that they are not real. But these diamonds are real, like your mined, natural diamonds.

Just like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds can vary in their quality. So they should be graded to determine their value and price. Not all lab-created stones are flawless, they can have variations in terms of their clarity, cut, color, etc. similar to natural diamonds.

Synthetic or lab-created diamonds are also graded by independent labs based on various quality parameters including:

Carat Weight

Synthetic diamonds can vary greatly in terms of carat weight. Hence, when grading these stones, their precise weight in carats will be mentioned in the grading certificates.

These man-made diamonds are 40-50% less expensive than natural diamonds. Therefore, you can get diamonds with higher carat weights for the amount you are spending if you choose lab-created stones instead of natural ones. The carat weight of a diamond can have a significant impact on its price and value.


This is another important quality parameter that can affect the value and appearance of a diamond. It is the measurement of inclusions, blemishes, and other flaws of a diamond that can affect its appearance.

Diamonds with high clarity are given the grade “Internally Flawless”. The clarity grade can decrease based on the increase in the blemishes and inclusions.

When considering the clarity grade, it is better to get “eye-clean” diamonds that do not have any visible flaws when observed with naked eyes. Diamonds with higher clarity grades will have minimal flaws even if they are observed under magnifying glasses. But these diamonds can be very costly and you don’t have to spend such huge amounts on your diamonds for them to be beautiful.

Eye-clean diamonds won’t have any noticeable flaws when observed with naked eyes and they can be cost-effective than diamonds with higher clarity grades.


Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A perfectly colorless diamond will be given a grade of D and the visibility of the color can increase as the grades progress. Hence, if you want colorless stones that have great brilliance, get a diamond with grades D, E, or F.


It indicates how perfect and symmetrical the cut of a diamond is. This parameter can have a great impact on the fire, brilliance, and brightness of these stones.

When getting lab grown diamonds for your diamond rings, it is important to consider all these parameters.

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