What To Know About Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

There is a wide variety of colors and shades available in diamonds that can offer a unique and stunning look to your diamond rings. One of the rare and distinct options that you can find in diamonds is salt and pepper diamonds. These diamonds get their name from small speckles of black and gray that are distributed throughout the stone. People love these stones for their uniqueness.

There is a wide variety of salt and pepper diamonds in jewelry. If you want to know more about these unique diamonds read along to find out.

Are Salt And Pepper Diamonds Real?

Yes. Just like other colored diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are also real. They are formed of pure carbon atoms, the difference is that they come with pretty and unique birthmarks that make them a wonderful choice for your engagement rings.

Are Lab-Grown Salt And Pepper Diamonds Available?

No. Even though there is a wide range of colorless and coloredlab grown diamonds available, salt and pepper diamonds are not available with these synthetic diamonds.

Do Salt And Pepper Diamonds Exhibit Sparkle?

Yes, salt and pepper diamonds sparkle, however, their sparkle is different from that of traditional colorless diamonds because of the presence of speckles in them. These diamonds won’t “glitter” like traditional diamonds, their sparkle is a little bit different. Peppered diamonds usually come with the rose cut that can show off their stunning speckles in a brilliant way. Because of the specific pattern arrangement associated with these stones, how they reflect light is a little bit different. Rose-cut peppered diamonds exhibit a magical shimmer in contrast to the sparkle of colorless diamonds.

Can You Get GIA Certified Salt And Pepper Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

No. Salt and pepper diamonds are not certified by the GIA. Each salt and pepper diamond can be unique. Also, there are no imitations and lab-created versions of salt and pepper diamonds.

Additionally, the GIA grades diamonds based on the lack of inclusions. But as salt and pepper diamonds come with an enormous number of inclusions, certification won’t be helpful.

Are Salt And Pepper Stones Low In Quality?

No. Like other colored stones, these diamonds are another classification of diamonds. Hence, they are not inferior in quality to other diamonds. On the contrary, salt and pepper diamonds can create a truly unique piece of diamond jewelry.

If you are looking for a unique and cheaper diamond, then these stones can be an excellent choice for you.

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